Štvrtok, 18. júla 2024.
Spokojnosť našich zákazníkov nás robí stále lepšími v našom odbore.

We offer the following services:

  • Management accounting and simple double-entry bookkeeping
  • Economic, financial, commercial and business consultancy
  • Processing payroll and accounts Agenda
  • Processing tax returns
  • Processing of annual accounts of health insurance
Advantages of processing by an external accounting company:
  • Saving money at 35.2% of gross wages of an own accountant
  • Guarantee for damages and fines amounting to 100%
  • Providing quality accounting, economic consulting costs
  • Any tax advice at our costs
  • We cooperate with the auditor and tax advisor
  • Hotline 16 hours a day
  • Based on the proxy of clients we provide services related to the handling of correspondence with the institutions of social and health security and tax authorities
  • Ensuring consultation with the above institutions
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